February 25th, 2012

Будущее российского флота

Майк Коломбаро опубликовал свой обзор корабельного состава ВМФ РФ в 2010-2020 гг.
Настоятельно рекомендую, хотя ляпов хватает.

Особенно отмечу его характеристику модернизации крейсеров пр. 1144
Very powerful (150+ missiles, nuclear powered) large cruisers (intended to counter the 1980's refitted US Iowa’s battleships). Designed by early 1970’s. Clearly Useless today (too crew expensive, too expensive to operate, not really….stealthy….and highly vulnerable to torpedoes/supersonic missiles) BUT FOR POLITICAL USE (ie. "Gunboat Policy"...), likely to remain in service until late 2020’s. There is virtually impossible that these 3 very large ships are replaced during 2020’s by new large nuclear-CRUISERS (120+ VLS, advanced AAW radar, nuclear powered), because the cost of such ships would be ASTRONOMICAL for the Russian Navy...