January 30th, 2013

Он нас посчитал.

Интересный список. Увидел в нём себя. Приятно.

Оригинал взят у ilya_kramnik в Он нас посчитал.
Скинули почтой BBC-шный реестр российской военно-информационной тусовочки. В сети висит я так понимаю на закрытом ресурсе, потому кладу без ссылок. На досуге переведу.

Аз, грешный, подсчитан среди прочих.

Media Feature: Who's Who In The Russian Military Expert Community
IAP20130128950083 Caversham BBC Monitoring in Russian 0800 GMT 28 Jan 13

Media feature by BBC Monitoring

Particular names recur regularly every time the Russian media poll experts about military news. But what do we really know about these people?

Some do little more than rebroadcast official communiques. Others, however, take a more analytical, informative and inquisitive approach, which helps the reader make sense of what are often formulaic statements by the military establishment. They are, perhaps, the ones to keep an eye on.

This guide seeks to shed light on the question of "Who's who" in the Russian arms, military and security expert community, and looks at the background and affiliation of some of its most prominent members.

Russian military pundits - a mini directory

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